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Scott Sill

Scott Sill

Scott Sill

Scott started playing music when he was five years old.  He started with piano lessons and played trombone in the school concert and jazz bands.   Scott started to play guitar in 7th grade getting lessons from his Dad.   He soon was playing professionally in various bands around the Central Illinois area including Wisdom, Liquid Numb, and Sill Music Revue.19

Scott was part of the national award winning show choir group: Swingsations of Mt. Zion, IL playing trombone, piano, and guitar in the group’s backup group.   Scott’s senior year of high school he played piano for the all-girls group the Les Femmes and arranged the song “I Will Survive” for the groups eleven piece backup band.

In 1997 Scott helped form the band 7 Twenty 6, which released its first full CD called “Groove Box”.   The band experienced moderate success and radio play throughout the central Illinois area.   Scott helped write many of the songs on the record including “Deja Blue”, “Life Cycle”, and “Thursday Morning”.

Scott majored in Broadcast Production with a focus on TV and Radio at Illinois State University.  He became very focused on learning post production and became an award winning video editor and videographer.    Scott combined both the love of music and video production when he was able to video bands such as Dream Theater, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble, Keanu Reeves band Becky, Incendio, and Screaming Cheetah Wheelies.   In 2002 Scott moved out to California and helped direct the live concert DVD for Dream Theater : When Day and Dream Reunite.

While out in California Scott met Jeff Floro and they instantly hit off talking about guitars, gear, and musicians.   Scott began to arrange private gatherings of working musicians in the Los Angeles area to come together and jam on the guitar, drums, bass, and violin; whatever a musician could carry.   Scott has continued to focus on combining his music and video production skills by creating full demos of guitars, pedals, and amps for YouTube.   He also plays monthly in a church band called A.S.K.

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Deja Blue: -7 Twenty 6-

Thursday Morning: -7 Twenty 6-

Life Cycle: – 7 Twenty 6-

Wally’s Song – Scott Sill-

All Song’s are copyright of Scott Sill and 7 twenty 6

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